A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

What is a UooUoo?

UooUoo (pronounced ‘you you’).

Created by renowned Victorian artist Alexander Knox, UooUoo is an imaginary Australian creature, and its shape is loosely drawn from the wombat and dugong. UooUoo has chameleon abilities and can change its skin colour and patterns in an instant. A mysterious being, when adults are near, UooUoo can be shy and hide. However, UooUoo has a courageous and playful personality around children who it loves to help and comfort.

One hundred UooUoo sculptures will form walking trails throughout the streets of Melbourne and Geelong in 2021.

Feeling inspired? Create your own UooUoo design using the sculpture template at Wild in Art world.

Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail