A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Koalafied + Barrandhang

Name: Koalafied + Barrandhang

Location: South Melbourne Beach

Sponsor: OzFarm Royal

Created by: Vandal

Design Inspiration

Koalafied Barrandhang by Vandal is all about friendship, sharing, happiness and colourful imagination. Four playful Koalas/Barandhangs share ice creams with each other, because that’s what best friends do. This UooUoo reminds us that there is always time for play and fun, sharing with friends and enjoying friendship, and ice cream. Koalafied Barrandhang keeps the Wiradjuri language alive and visible. It’s the artist’s way of sharing her language and showcasing contemporary Aboriginal art, in a fun and enjoyable way.

Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail