A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Baa-ni-ip (Bunyip)

Name: Baa-ni-ip (Bunyip)

Location: Victoria Harbour Promenade

Sponsor: Development Victoria

Created by: Deanne Gilson

Design Inspiration

Baa-ni-ip (Bunyip) by Deanne Gilson is a mythological creature in Victorian Aboriginal culture, also known as a Devil that is said to have lived in swamps and hug its prey to death. There have been many reported sightings pre and post colonisation, with two types of Baa-ni-ip identified in Victoria. The Wadawurrung Baa-ni-ip is made up of many animals: an emu head with horns and tusks, the body of a crocodile, a duck’s bill, platypus flippers and a seal nose.

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