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Sweet Treats Mini Trail

Photo credit: Cecilia Hsieh


Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

The Sweet Treat mini-adventure encapsulates the most delicious of UooUoo designs with artificially coloured sculptures covered in candy wrappers, delicate gold-leaf and pastel hues that are just waiting to be discovered. This mini trail is the perfect way for those young and young at heart to enjoy Melbourne and fulfill your sugar fix – without the tooth-ache.

These glossy creatures might look good enough to eat, but we ask you to keep your sticky, sherbet-dunked fingers away from the sculptures and maintain a COVID-safe distance when exploring the art trail.

Mini Adventure Four: Sweet Treats Trail

Did you know that by collecting the rewards and following the prompts along this mini-adventure you have a chance to win some awesome rewards?

UooUoo locations: Melbourne CBD, Carlton North and Elwood

Tips for transport: You can explore half the candy-filled adventure on foot throughout the CBD, however, we recommend boarding a tram to discover Sugar Rush in Princes Park and driving for a cool sweet-treat at Elwood Beach with Uoo Uce-Cream Truck!


To learn more about the artists and sweet design inspirations along this trail, please read below.



I Want Candy

Artist: Winnie Dougall

Location: Southbank Trio

Winnie Dougall is an artist and textile/surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, and holds a degree in textile design from RMIT University. She loves painting on canvas, including large realistic flowers and intuitive art. In her textile design work, Winnie enjoys exploring geometrics, line, abstraction and symmetry, combining drawing and painting with digital techniques. Winnie is excited to participate in the art trail as it makes her feel happy to bring joy to people’s lives through her creativity. She lives in a leafy suburb surrounded by nature, which is an ideal location for her creativity to flow.

I Want Candy by Winnie Dougall is created with children in mind, to bring joy and sweetness to their lives. Inspired by Winnie’s childhood love for lollies, sweets and cute soft toys, this UooUoo is named after the pop song of the same name. Winnie hopes you will relate and smile with delight!


Gumball Machine

Artist: Felicia Nguyen

Location: Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Growing up, Felicia Nguyen excelled in the fields of mathematics and science and felt the pressure of pursuing a ‘traditional’ career pathway in engineering. As someone who was always drawing in her notebooks and in study breaks, she realised her passion and potential for art and design. Felicia graduated Year 12 in 2019 and has begun her Communication Design studies at RMIT University. In overcoming her own struggles with mental health and societal expectations, Felicia expresses her creative self through illustrations and is inspired by others to continue creating and telling diverse stories.

Gumball Machine by Felicia Nguyen highlights the once common lolly gadgets that have disappeared from our world. Is it because they were designed to be short and in a child’s line of sight? Maybe we stopped noticing the things that spark a child’s mind? Nowadays we see young people on their devices and while they are products of imagination, where did all the gumball machines go? This UooUoo hopes to reignite that childlike joy.

Gumball Machine is sponsored by Bendigo Bank.


Uoo Uce-Cream Truck

Artist: Kenny Pittock

Location: Elwood Beach

Kenny Pittock is a Melbourne based artist who uses humour and sentimentality to playfully respond to contemporary Australian culture and iconography.

Kenny received an Honors Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013. Since then he has had solo exhibitions in Italy and Singapore, as well as consistently exhibiting his work all over Australia with galleries including ACCA in Melbourne, PICA in Perth, Artspace in Sydney and MONA in Tasmania.” Uoo Uce-Cream Truck loves ice cream so much it has turned itself into an ice cream truck, so it can share ice cream with its friends all day long. Please come along and pick which ice cream you would choose from the truck. There’s sherbet dunked, dairy-free, sprinkle dipped, and triple stacked. No matter which one you choose, you’ll feel on choc-top of the world.


Uoo Uce-Cream Truck is sponsored by Lovelight who have also generously committed to purchasing their sculpture after the art trail.


Sugar Rush

Artist: Julee Latimer

Location: Princes Park

Julee Latimer paints onto substrates that allow for the subsequent removal of the paint when dry. This enables exploration with the placement of the individual fragments and allows the painting to evolve like a puzzle.

Julee was born in the United Kingdom, settling in Australia in 2005 after spending the previous 17 years moving internationally across the globe. Julee has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Painting) and her artworks are held in private collections in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Sweden, Italy and Canada.

Sugar Rush by Julee Latimer is a journey of uplifting joy and smiles. This UooUoo presents a vibrant proliferation of mouth-watering individual paintings that explode with vivid, glossy colour and serve to remind us of the innocence of childhood, where the more sticky the lollies you held, the happier you were.

Sugar Rush is sponsored and has been purchased by Nelson Alexander who is also generously supporting the art trail auction.



Artist: Belinda Aikas

Location: Artplay, Birrarung Marr


Melbourne based artist Belinda Aíkas has been painting for over 30 years. With a career in the creative fields of Visual Merchandising and Interior Decorating, she has amalgamated her professional work experience with painting, bringing together a marriage of her passions, which inevitably developed her passion for perusing and creating art.

Belinda is an experimental mixed media artist, creating seascapes, waves and modern contemporary abstract pieces in assorted mediums including acrylics, watercolours, ink and metallic hues. Her work is held in private collections in Australia and overseas.

Mango by Belinda Aíkas celebrates the delight, frivolity and freedom of expression that comes when children splash colour around and create their own piece of art. Mango conveys the feelings and emotions of children as they watch art come to life. It also captures an expression from Belinda’s late grandmother, who used to say, “Let’s do it, just for fun.”




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