A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Noah’s Gift

Noah’s Gift is a fundraiser led by Emma and Nathan Jones, supported by their incredibly generous community in Inverloch. Noah’s Gift aims to raise awareness of childhood heart disease and fundraises for the Royal Children’s Hospital, Cardiac Unit. The idea of Noah’s Gift came about after Emma and Nathan Jones’ son Noah Jones was diagnosed with a severe cardiac abnormality in 2017. Whilst Noah is no longer with us, Emma and Nathan promised him and their family that his life would continue to inspire others to make positive change. Noah’s Gift endeavours to prevent other families from going through the same heartache that Emma and Nathan did as the group continue to fundraise all year round, giving back to those who supported the family during the time they spent at RCH.

Support Noah’s Gift here: www.facebook.com/noahscharitygift/about

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