A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

2020 Marathon Challenge

A running and athletics coach by trade, Jim ran 20 marathons in 2020 to raise $20,000 for the RCH Cardiology Department after the team saved the life of his youngest daughter Georgia.

Days after she was born, Georgia was rushed to the RCH after she stopped breathing. Clinicians discovered that she had a narrow aorta and multiple holes in her heart which required immediate surgery. After months of recovery, Jim and his wife Susan were able to bring Georgia home to join her sisters Samantha and Emma.

“Georgia is now a healthy and active 10 year-old. We are so thankful for the amazing nurses, doctors and staff at the RCH. Our aim is to raise funds so that the hospital can continue to help children with heart conditions,” said Jim.

The 2020 Marathon Challenge has been a wonderful project. A true combination of determination, adaptability through the pandemic, generosity from donors and community spirit.

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