A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Sci-Fi Exploration Mini Trail


We all know that UooUoo captures the transformative spirit of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), but have you spotted our weird and wacky sci-fi inspired UooUoos on the trail?

From the solar system to post-apocalyptic scenes, the sci-fi mini-adventure has been inspired by the mythical UooUoos who have been taken over by extraterrestrial designs. 

These creatures might appear to be from another galaxy but rest assured that they are passionate about supporting our community and causes close to their hearts, including healthcare, recycling and scientific research.


Mini Adventure Three:  Sci-Fi Exploration


UooUoo locations: Hobsons Bay, Port Melbourne & Melbourne CBD

Tips for transport: We recommend you time travel via car (or UFO) between UooUoo locations to explore this mini-trial, as sites are scattered across Melbourne. 

To learn more about artists and designs along this trail, please read below. 


Artist: Sophie Gaffney

Location: Gem Pier, Hobsons Bay

Sophie Gaffney-Smith is an 18-year-old artist, with a passion for creating intricate, finely detailed drawings and designs. She has exhibited her work in numerous art shows, winning awards and selling her designs. In late 2019, Sophie was one of three emerging artists chosen to be a part of a large-scale mural project in Brunswick. During the project, she was mentored by and worked alongside four experienced mural artists. Having been an outpatient for the past four years, Sophie feels a strong connection to the RCH.


Intergalactic by Sophie Gaffney-Smith encourages you to aim for the stars. This UooUoo features a selection of planets, among constellations of stars representing the potential of the children and young people who have come through the doors of the RCH throughout the past 150 years. The enormous support and care provided by the hospital, enables each of these children to reach their full potential and one day fulfil their greatest hopes and dreams.



Artist: Russ Brebner

Location: Gasworks Art Park

Russ Brebner has lived on the Mornington Peninsula for more than 20 years and has created recycled metal sculptures for almost as long. What began as a hobby got serious when Russ established Rusty Sculptures in 2005 to share his creativity with others. Russ creates all kinds of metal pieces including a wide selection of birds, animals, screens, gates and creative sculptures. The ever-changing availability of recycled materials, all sourced from around Melbourne and surrounding areas, ensures that each piece is unique.

Uoodinoo by Russ Brebner is a futuristic creature whose magnetic skin has attracted metallic junk. Uoodinoo drags these items with him as he roams the earth. Global warming has left the earth uninhabitable for humans and only the toughest of creatures remain. Inspired by dinosaurs and dragons, Uoodinoo hopes to promote recycling and eco-awareness.



Artist: Beck Storer

Location: Pillars of Wisdom, Tan Track

Beck Storer is the founder of The Cutaway, an award-winning creative studio that creates visual experiences in the public environment. Combining her love for design, technology and craft, Beck’s work challenges the curious and presents visual stories that are compelling and memorable. Her projects are respected throughout the world – with A’Design International Awards placing her in the top 20 internationally for event design.

Beck is also is a leader in industry-led education, lecturing at the School of Design at RMIT. She is also a course advisor and a board member of the Centre (For) Projection Art.

Prism by Beck Storer playfully shares a unique view of your environment, highlighting the things you may overlook in your surroundings by reflecting them back to you in a prism of colour. All glitter and sparkles, Prism is covered in hundreds of small mirrors appearing as a shiny beacon of fun and joy. A fragmented mix of colour and light, Prism reflects back to you the beauty of the world we live in.

Prism is sponsored by The Larwill Studio, the boutique hotel on Flemington Road in the thriving suburb of Parkville


Cosmic Imagination: Messenger from the Universe

Artist: Maxime Banks

Location: Williamstown Beach

Maxime Banks is an award-winning, multidisciplinary artist, a time-traveller of the Black-American Diaspora. Her work intersects science, visual art and creative technology with a sense of otherness across Afrofuture anamnesis, collage, multimedia, poetry and textiles. Maxime’s work reflects on black cultural history, memory, self-sovereignty and the universe. Quantum physics inspires her image-making, thinking, research and imagination. Maxime’s art practice explores black portraiture, quantum poetics, Afro-surrealism, spacetime travel creating thematic metaphors of hybridity.

Cosmic Imagination: Messenger from the Universe by Maxime Banks explores Maxime’s ideas, research and thoughts of scientific and philosophical inquiry. Imagination is a time-travelling spaceship; an entanglement of art, cosmology, psychics and science. Curiosity and space travel obsession are passionate forces in this design, integrating scientific theories and capturing planets, galaxies, constellations and quantum particles.

Cosmic Imagination: Messenger from the Universe is sponsored by The Chloe Clash who supports The RCH’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), raising money for the PICU bed sponsorship program.


Artist: Emilie Walsh

Location: Multiplex, Swanston Street

Emilie Walsh is a Melbourne based visual artist working across various media, including video, installation, drawing and printmaking. She recently completed her PhD from the Victorian College of the Arts, working on the narratives of adventure. She has a particular interest in community and engagement and her practice is participatory and playful. She has shown her first glow in the dark installation at fortyfivedownstairs Gallery in Melbourne.

Glowuoo by Emilie Walsh glows in the dark. Painted over a black background you can see the inside of her body like a magical x-ray. When the darkness comes, however, she shines through and reveals layers of glowing organs, bones and cells. The inside of Glowuoo’s body is filled with curved bones, upside down teeth and multi-lungs-brains-bowels. Playful and imaginative, this UooUoo invites you to look inside and invent names for all her weird organs.

Glowuoo is sponsored by Multiplex who are a Principal Partner of Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail, and played an integral role in bringing the trail life.





Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail