A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Discover the Moonee Valley Trail

Photo credit: Kathy Holowko, artist of Synbio (pictured above)


The Moonee Valley mini-adventure is a great way to explore your own backyard or venture into a new suburb.There are 10 UooUoo’s around the Moonee Valley City Council district and we’re challenging you to find them all!

Together with fluorescent colours, floral motifs, a monster and even a tiger, the designs found on this mini-trail along with the intriguing stories from the artists will impress adventurers of all ages.

Along this trail, you’ll get the chance to skip across lakes, wander through bushes, and discover pop-up parks. There are also wonderful rewards to be unlocked, including free coffees, 2 for 1 Moonee Valley Racing Club entry tickets and even UooUoo shaped cookies!


Mini Adventure Two:  Moonee Valley


UooUoo locations: Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Essendon, Flemington & Essendon

Tips for transport: We recommend putting on your sneakers to walk between Scribbles, Flowers & Fun, UooUoo and his Kaleidoscopic Coat of Wonder and My Atlas, before jumping in a car to explore the remainder of this mini-trail.

To learn more about the artists, designs and exciting rewards you can redeem along this trail, please read below.




UooUoo and his Kaleidoscopic Coat of Wonder

Artist: Emily Van Der Molen

Location: Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds

Emily van der Molen is a visual treasure collector. She moves through the world seeking shards of wonder to store in her minds eye. She squirrels away imagery like a fragment of sea glass shimmering in the sunlight; an iridescent feather cast aside on the nature strip, or a

rainbow oil stain spilled on the utilitarian surface of a road. She then draws upon this ever-growing collection to create absorbing abstract and semi-abstract artworks of unrestrained joy.

UooUoo and His Kaleidoscopic Coat of Wonder by Emily van der Molen wears a coat of magical colours, shapes and textures to bring a sense of shared joy and wonder to children and their families. Hidden amongst the details are 150 rainbows in celebration of 150 years of the RCH providing paediatric care and bringing happiness to children and families in their most difficult times. How many rainbows can you see?

This sculpture is sponsored by Moonee Valley City Council and Moonee Ponds Traders Association


Cheerful Monster

Artist: Tania Lou Smith

Location: North Essendon Village

Tania Smith is a performance artist who has a multi-disciplinary practice incorporating live performance, photography, video and costume. Her videos depict playful, performative interventions in public space. Recurring themes in her practice include the comic anti-hero, domestic labour and care work, drudgery and absurdist humour. She has a son with a rare genetic condition, Prader-Willi syndrome, and she balances her art practice with her advocacy and care for her son.

Cheerful Monster by Tania Smith is an orange-spotted creature with blue eyes. Orange is the colour of Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting one in 15,000 births, including the artist’s son. People with Prader-Willi syndrome have many challenges yet are known for their cheerful and loving nature. Tania refers to her son affectionately as her ‘little monster’ hence the title of this UooUoo. 


Bloom Aplenty

Artist: Creature Creature

Location: Maribynong River

Creature Creature is an artist duo consisting of Ambrose Rehorek and Chanel Tang. Since meeting in 2011 they have formed a collaborative art practise that spans across exhibiting art, mural commissions, street art, design and illustration. Creature Creature’s work represents duality and the sum of a whole, it advocates collaboration in a broader sense to affirm values of diversity, kinship and prosperity. The beauty of coming together.

Bloom Aplenty by Creature Creature is about the balance of the natural world, and the way it can blossom and grow in the face of chaos and adversity.



Artist: Kathy Holowko

Location: Union Square

Kathy Holowko marvels at, and questions, nature and humanity. Interested in the effect that urban life has on our understanding of ecology, she introduces narratives and connections that can help us reconsider our world as a cyclical, and shared habitat. Creating sculpture, installation, public art and playful projects, Kathy seeks to mirror cultural environmental ideologies in the hope of building positive future visions.

Her works have appeared at Federation Square, the National Gallery of Victoria, White Night, Edinburgh Gardens Plinth, National Wool Museum, Sculpture by The Sea, ArtPlay, Bendigo Conservatory, Montalto, Albury Library Museum, Utrecht University Museum, and BAK Gallery Netherlands amongst others.

Synbio by Kathy Holowko is a curious being, unreal and yet somehow possible. A friendly frankencreature born of spliced genes with the capacity to dazzle using its chromatophore patterning. It’s a fusion of the words “synthetic biology”, a fascinating area of research that seeks to create new life forms from those found in nature. Synbio is the golden child, a sci-fi future pet, with cephalopod skin and the temperament of a beloved canine.

Synbio is sponsored by Moonee Valley City Council and Union Road Traders Association, who represent over 140 businesses in the area and appreciates the support from their regular customers. 



Artist: Steve Monk

Location: Pridham Plaza, Flemington

Art gives Steve Monk a language. A language that most people can speak. It gives him joy. It gives him confidence. It gives him a platform from which to launch into the wider world without suspicion or fear through tiny feats of artistic whimsy.

Robert by Steve Monk is a tiger. As the spirit of Melbourne itself, he’s a wild animal in an urban jungle. Robert also pays homage to the 2019 Australian Football League premiers, the Richmond Tigers.

Robert is sponsored by Moonee Valley City Council and Flemington Chamber of Commerce.


My Atlas

Artist: Joyie Choi

Location: Queens Park, Moonee Ponds

Joyie Choi is a Melbourne based emerging artist. With no previous art training in her adult years, her formal exposure to art is through a visual arts certification from the Northern College of Arts and Technology (NCAT). Joyie is looking to explore her visual art practice further through life drawing and printmaking. Joyie has completed various workshops and classes in pastel, ceramics and millinery.

My Atlas by Joyie Choi depicts a bird’s eye view of nature, bringing a sense of strength as a community in supporting each other through the journey of health and wellbeing. This UooUoo also demonstrates diversity through the use of vibrant colours. The interconnectedness of each colour piece is a unique representation of human connectivity in showing kindness to each other. 



Artist: Bonsai

Location: Rose Street, Essendon

Bonsai is an artist based on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. He has used his many years of working as a mural painter together with his love of design, nature and geometry to distil a style that is very much his own. Bonsai has completed murals all across Australia and lead design projects for products, buildings, interiors and sculptures.

UooUooSAURUS by Bonsai presents the possibility that dinosaurs could have been brightly coloured, similar to commonly known birdlife and reptiles. The thought of dinosaurs living on this planet puts modern-day problems into perspective and invites us to think about our effect on the planet.


Geared Up

Artist: Simon Beuve

Location: Mt Alexander Road Junction, Essendon

Simon Beuve is a multi-disciplinary artist working across the fields of painting, muralism, graphic design, light projections and animation. His compositions are transferred freely from screen to paper and walls to projections and vice versa. His artworks explore and visually document the way in which humans interact with technology and the rapidly increasing plethora of devices people must encounter on a daily basis.

Geared Up by Simon Beuve uses free form brush strokes and vivid colours to create an abstract and expressive covering. Painting strokes follow the shape of this UooUoo to beautifully enhance its curves and show patterns and shapes that change depending on your point of view. From the top or the back you are reminded of fur or a tail, and from the side, you are looking at internal components like muscles or bones. 



Artist: Pandarosa

Location: Clocktower, Moonee Ponds

“Pandarosa, otherwise known as Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Benyi, are a creative duo who specialise in the installation of large scale mural works and apply their methods across a range of applications including art direction, brand identity, interiors, illustration, architectural graphics, retail design and online design. 

Their belief is that the best results are achieved by artistic, multidisciplinary dialogues and their objective is to give the mundane wall, brochure or inanimate object life, blood and a heart.”

Scribbles by Pandarosa is a depiction of the initially quirky, yet very meaningful drawings of children. The hidden meaning within these ‘scribbles’ can have deep creative intentions, yet too often we forget to value and retain these as our lives move forward.

Scribbles is sponsored by New Zealand Australian Punjabi Cultural Association. Since 2014, NZAPCA has raised more than $120,000 for the RCH and are proud sponsors of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.  


Flowers & Fun

Artist: Tegan Iversen

Location: Moonee Valley Racing Club (McPherson St/Dean St)

Tegan Iversen is a twenty-six-year-old artist and illustrator who creates fun, colourful, cute and honest visual art. Inspired by the every day and her experiences, feelings and the funny things she sees in this beautiful and strange world around her. Tegan has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Visual Art from the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently based in Essendon.

Flowers and Fun by Tegan Iversen is inspired by the beauty in nature. Pretty petals, big green leaves, flowers growing and blooming, cheeky ladybugs hiding amongst them all. There are lots of beautiful stars, fluffy white clouds and colourful, amazing rainbows.

Flowers and Fun is sponsored by Moonee Valley Racing Club who are proud to support cultural expression in the Moonee Ponds area.

Me and UooUoo: The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail